Tiffany D Jackson has brought her flawless style, amazing twists and fascinating characters to the R Kelly/#MeToo movement in Grown, out this September wherever books are sold.

Enchanted (aka Chanty) is a middle-class Black girl growing up in Westchester. She loves to sing, but she also has to take care of her siblings, try and deal with a very white school, and try and find a future–but then, at a singing audition–she’s introduced to singer and superstar Korey Fields, this world’s version of an R Kelly meets Justin Bieber. Or maybe that’s what R Kelly is like for some people, or was like years ago. Anyway, Enchanted quickly becomes…wait for it..enchanted by him, the promises he makes her and her career, and she and him start working on music together. But I don’t need to tell you, or link the TMZ stories, for you to know this is going nowhere good.As Enchanted becomes more caught up in Korey’s world she starts to see a side of him she never expected, and it becomes harder and harder for her to escape…until someone ends up dead.

This book…wow! The pacing is a bit weird, but it make sense because we have to cover a lot of ground. This kind of situation doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve only briefly followed the R Kelly sage (and the only song I know is Remix to Ignition?) but I recognized a lot of the same threads I’d read in TMZ stories, but this book also feels unique in its own right. It’s clearly got some inspiration from that, but R Kelly isn’t the only predator and abuser out there, and Jackson does a great job of bringing her usual gut punches and twists in this book. You’ll be on the edge of your seat to see what happens!

Also…this cover, am I right??


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