“She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain”

  • Easy Reader Series Series: Sir Ladybug

    Easy Reader Series Series: Sir Ladybug

    I always say, I don’t want to write the “next great American novel,” I just want to write a stupidly successful Easy Reader series. I’ve been trying to read more Easy Readers recently, and so I’m going to write up some blog posts about Easy Reader Series I read, especially when I read…all of them.…

  • Picture Book Round-Up #3

    Picture Book Round-Up #3

    In this round-up, we’ve got some books recommended to me during the ALSC Institute Session Black Kids Camp Too, Don’t They? and more (aka: an ARC I also got at ALSC Institute) Where’s Rodney by Carmen Bogan, illustrated by Floyd Cooper. Gosh, Floyd Cooper’s style is so unique and despite illustrating many different kinds of…

  • A Non-Fiction KidLit Round-up

    A Non-Fiction KidLit Round-up

    Here’s a round-up of a few non-fiction kidlit titles I read recently, short and quick and digestible!

  • Picture Book Round Up #2

    Picture Book Round Up #2

    Back again with another picture book round up! Today, we have a mix of books from the DC and Arlington “new books” shelf and a backlist title that I placed on hold for a reason I simply cannot remember anymore. A Library by Nikki Giovani, illustrated by Erin K Robinson I had to read this,…

  • A Very KidLit Halloween

    A Very KidLit Halloween

    Did you wear a bookish Halloween costume this year?

  • Picture Book Round-Up #1

    Picture Book Round-Up #1

    Six picture books, one blog post recap

  • Backlist Review: Vicious & Vengeful

    Backlist Review: Vicious & Vengeful

    Despite 100% purchasing these books myself—and looking at their spines on my shelves for months—I realized as I opened the front cover during boarding at DCA, that I had no idea what they were about.

  • Recap: A Stellar ALSC Opening Session

    Recap: A Stellar ALSC Opening Session

    The first day of my first ever ALSC Institute had such a grand beginning with Christina Soontornvat as the keynote opener

  • 5 Books That Have Made Me Cry Recently

    5 Books That Have Made Me Cry Recently

    I wouldn’t call myself an overly emotional person in real-life. When things go wrong, my tendency is not to cry. However, when it comes to books—especially picture books—all it takes is one uplifting phrase or illustration and I’m weepy. Looking back at my reading for the year—much of which I can’t talk about for ~award~…

  • Series Review: She Persisted

    Series Review: She Persisted

    Somehow, in my career as librarian and book reviewer, I have developed a specialty in reading, reviewing, and raving about picture book biographies of women. I LOVE THEM. I find them a fascinating medium when done well, and kind of hilarious when they are done poorly. Ask me about the worst one I’ve ever read—it…

  • Talking about a Life of Service with Christina and Dow

    Talking about a Life of Service with Christina and Dow

    On Wednesday, September 21st I had the unique opportunity and pleasure to interview super-award winning author Christina Soontornvat and best-selling author Dow Phumiruk about their new picture book collaboration, a picture book biography of Senator Tammy duckworth. I hosted them via Zoom as the first ever big event by the NSDAR (Daughters of the American…

  • Recent Writings & Where I’ve Been

    Recent Writings & Where I’ve Been

    Here’s a round-up of some of my recent words.

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