Fifth Quarter

I love a good girls-centered sports graphic novel that I can recommend to middle grade readers who’ve read all the Raina

The Women’s March

I’m excited to talk about this book with people, and hope that since the author is very well respected in the historical fiction genre, it will be a jumping off point for people to learn more about the 1913 Parade!

The Devil and the Heiress

I don’t know what magic was done to line up The Heiress Gets a Duke to release RIGHT after Bridgerton

The Betrayed

Today in reviews, we have a not-so-rousing rendition of “wow, I was disappointed by an author I used to love.”

Shelf Life

Imagine opening a bookstore in a country that has fallen out of love with reading, with book

The Maidens

Anything that’s comped even remotely to The Secret History is an auto-read in my books,


A mother-daughter tale, a coming of age story, and an exploration of antebellum life in the U.S. as a freed black woman

House of Sticks

This year, I’ll be reading a LOT more non-fiction than usual