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  • Lies We Told

    Lies We Told

    In my quest to finish all of my BOTM books and because I love the color purple, I finally picked up Lies We Told and wow, was I engrossed.

  • Author Spotlight: Paul Tremblay

    Author Spotlight: Paul Tremblay

    Paul Tremblay is an author who only recently came onto my reading radar but wow I’m already intrigued by his books

  • The Cheerleaders

    The Cheerleaders

    I love a good YA murder mystery so I was really excited to dive into The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas, but at the end of the day, I don’t think it really came together as well as it was supposed to

  • Author Spotlight: Caroline Kepnes

    Author Spotlight: Caroline Kepnes

    Caroline Kepnes’s most famous novel, You, is becoming a TV series this fall starring Penn Badgley, known Gossip Girl, as the protagonis

  • Sometimes I Lie

    Sometimes I Lie

    Amber Reynolds wants you to know three things. 1) She is in a coma 2) Her husband doesn’t love her anymore 3) Sometimes she lies. 

  • Author Spotlight: Ruth Ware

    Author Spotlight: Ruth Ware

    In honor of her new book, The Death of Mrs Westaway, let’s take a look at the other works by the woman dubbed the Agatha Christie of modern times

  • Our Kind of Cruelty

    Our Kind of Cruelty

    It’s twisted fiction, but Our Kind of Cruelty is a story you won’t be able to put down.

  • Author Spotlight: Chuck Palahniuk

    Author Spotlight: Chuck Palahniuk

    The author behind the book we cannot forget, Fight Club, is back with a new novel publishing on May 1st, 2018.

  • Unraveling Oliver

    Unraveling Oliver

    When Oliver Ryan hits his wife Alice so hard that it leaves her unconscious on their kitchen floor, everyone is shocked.

  • Not If I Save You First

    Not If I Save You First

    Ally Carter is back with a standalone novel that follows the daughter of a former Secret Service agent and the son of the President as the face off against Russian kidnappers in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. 

  • The Elizas

    The Elizas

    The author of Pretty Little Liars is back with a 20-something unreliable that will leave you grappling for your hold on reality.

  • The School for Psychics

    The School for Psychics

    Teddy Cannon is something of a loose cannon, racking up gambling debts left and right and fighting strange feelings inside of her mind but then she finds out she’s psychic. And not only that, powerful people know she’s psychic and she’s been recruited to a top secret psychic school