I swear to you that May 5, 2020 is the most stacked book release day all year, and I’m so glad I was able to get a head start on my reading for those releases by getting an early copy of Trespassers by Breena Bard. Perfect for fans of Raina Telegemeir and the BSC graphic novels, this book hits shelves May 5, 2020, and you’re going to want to read it!

Gabby and her family (1 sister, 1 brother, mom and dad) head off on their annual vacation to a cottage in the Great Lakes area, and Gabby, who always has her nose in a book, is a little more reserved. Enter Paige and Bryan, the new kids next door who like getting into trouble. The families don’t meld easily, but when Gabby starts writing a story about the mysterious, abandoned mansion on the bluff, she and Paige begin to bond over the writing process and what might have been an unsolved double murder.

What happened to the people who lived there? How does it affect their life at the lake now? Mystery solving meets lake vacation meets family issues (relocation for a job and siblings) and you’ve got a great growing up graphic novel perfect for mystery lovers and middle graders alike.



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