Talking about a Life of Service with Christina and Dow

On Wednesday, September 21st I had the unique opportunity and pleasure to interview super-award winning author Christina Soontornvat and best-selling author Dow Phumiruk about their new picture book collaboration, a picture book biography of Senator Tammy duckworth. I hosted them via Zoom as the first ever big event by the NSDAR (Daughters of the American…

2021 Reading in Review

Holy heck, 2021 is over! I read SO Many books this year-it’s actually insane to look back on. I took on WAY too many book-based projects. Classes, committees, mock committees, review jobs….my own Edelweiss accounts. OOOFFFFF. Do not recommend! But I read some GREAT books in 2021! Some of the ones I love to talk…

What About Will?

I really enjoy Ellen Hopkins’ books, and they’ve probably been a stronger drug-deterrent in my life than any after school special

The Matzah Ball

Is it too early for holiday romances? I hope not, because I need this mental seratonin treat,

Wish You Were Here

This book has a lot of heart, and is kind of what we’ve come to suspect from Picoult–a really well researched piece that pulls at your heart, gives you a good twist, and leaves you staring at the end contemplating life.

Witch Please

This is a fun, flirty, a bit sexy rom-com with a witchy twist

Anatomy: A Love Story

This book is not for the squeamish because…plague, anatomy lectures, dissection of human remains, etc, etc, but I’m going to force everyone around me to read it so…get ready.