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  • Picture Book Round-Up #6

    Picture Book Round-Up #6

    Back with another picture book round-up! Some recent releases, funny and thoughtful! Boobies by Nancy Vo Okay, this was adorable and funny and probably incredibly needed. A book about boobies, literally. Blue footed ones, sure, but not really–because birds don’t have boobies. This book–which works well for kids under 5–is all about what boobies are,…

  • My 2023 Youth Media Award Predictions

    My 2023 Youth Media Award Predictions

    It’s my favorite time of year again! The Youth Media Awards are just around the corner, and I’m ready to make my out of context predictions on most of the awards, except the one I am on this year, of course! Want to know how well I did last year? You can find my post…

  • Easy Reader Series Series: Ty’s Travels

    Easy Reader Series Series: Ty’s Travels

    This is an easy reader series I didn’t follow from the beginning. Beach Day was nominated for a committee I read for, and I read it without understanding the context that Ty is using his imagination to have these experiences–I thought the illustrations were just super kid friendly! Knowing Ty’s imagination is the driver definitely…

  • What I’m Doing to Set Myself Up for Success with My 2023 Reading Resolutions

    What I’m Doing to Set Myself Up for Success with My 2023 Reading Resolutions

    Earlier this week, I talked about my 5 reading resolutions for myself in 2023. They are:  Today, I want to talk a little bit about how I’m working to set myself up for success in 2023 so that I don’t wait until the last minute to try and cram in the complete stories of Flannery…

  • My 2023 Reading Resolutions

    My 2023 Reading Resolutions

    I write this staring down the last two weeks of 2023, knowing that I did SO MUCH reading this year, and yet not enough of what I wanted to read.  I didn’t set MANY reading resolutions in 2022, for a few reasons. At the end of 2021, I was wrapping up my time on the…

  • A Heart That Works

    A Heart That Works

    One important thing to know about me is that I’m addicted to NPR. That addiction has worsened in the past year into what I can only describe as a coping mechanism, but that’s also interrupted my old routine of plowing through audiobooks on the regular, especially non-fiction ones. It doesn’t help that my commute is…

  • Picture Book Round-Up #5

    Picture Book Round-Up #5

    This is my garden picture book round up, because I’m in the middle of making a bibliography of books about gardens that feature Black protagonists, and I thought….why do double the work, when I could write about some of those books for this blog too? Especially with spring eventually going to be coming, why not…

  • Easy Reader Series Series: Yasmin

    Easy Reader Series Series: Yasmin

    Have you read Yasmin–what is your favorite “job” she takes on in her series?

  • 3 Books to Read if You Liked ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix

    3 Books to Read if You Liked ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix

    Need more “something goes wrong at a boarding school” ambiance with a bit of magic or spookiness thrown in? Here are five books that give me Wednesday vibes–though caveat, I’m writing this mid-episode 4. Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson A mystery, a boarding school, a past and present interlude that’s a bit connected and a…

  • Picture Book Round-Up #4

    Picture Book Round-Up #4

    What picture books have you read and enjoyed recently?

  • Easy Reader Series Series: Sir Ladybug

    Easy Reader Series Series: Sir Ladybug

    I always say, I don’t want to write the “next great American novel,” I just want to write a stupidly successful Easy Reader series. I’ve been trying to read more Easy Readers recently, and so I’m going to write up some blog posts about Easy Reader Series I read, especially when I read…all of them.…

  • Picture Book Round-Up #3

    Picture Book Round-Up #3

    In this round-up, we’ve got some books recommended to me during the ALSC Institute Session Black Kids Camp Too, Don’t They? and more (aka: an ARC I also got at ALSC Institute) Where’s Rodney by Carmen Bogan, illustrated by Floyd Cooper. Gosh, Floyd Cooper’s style is so unique and despite illustrating many different kinds of…

Got any book recommendations?