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  • Picture Book Round-Up #9

    Picture Book Round-Up #9

    Quickie round up of some 2022 picture books I missed because of delayed shippings, including some flavorful Jamaican stories, a bilingual story, an a lovely little Witch Frog Soup Story. Granny’s Kitchen by Sade Smith, Illustrated by Ken Daley Shelly-Anne lives in Jamaica with her grandmother, a renown gardener and cook. When Shelly-Anne decides to…

  • Easy Reader Series Series: Starla Jean

    Easy Reader Series Series: Starla Jean

    “I never thought she would catch the chicken, ” Starla Jean’s dad laments but Starla Jean can do anything she sets her mind too, and after seeing a scrawny chicken in the park, she knows she has to save it and bring it home.

  • Easy Reader Series Series: Fox & Chick

    Easy Reader Series Series: Fox & Chick

    Up next in our series on series of Easy Readers, we have Fox & Chick, by Sergio Ruzzier. As of my writing of this, there are four books in the series. Each contains three short stories, told in comic-panel format. Fox & Chick: The Party and Other Stories In this first collection, told in easy…

  • February 2023 Reading Recap

    February 2023 Reading Recap

    Remember how in my January recap I was like “I am free! I can read what I want again.” Whomp whomp whomp. Just kidding–I’m SUPER excited to be serving on an award committee this year, but February was my last real month of “free reading” til the late fall. So let’s dive in! First things…

  • Upcoming Releases: Picture Book Round-Up

    Upcoming Releases: Picture Book Round-Up

    I just love picture books. I love how moving they can be with just 40 pages and some gorgeous art. I love seeing the didactic messages some adults try to shoe-horn into them. I love when a one page spread of joy brings tears to my eyes. I love what memories a particular character drawing…

  • Immortality: A Love Story

    Immortality: A Love Story

    Immortality: A Love Story is on sale wherever books are sold February 28, 2023.

  • Picture Book Round-Up #8

    Picture Book Round-Up #8

    Back again with another picture book round up–all of these published in 2022, and a mix of fiction and non-fiction. We’ve got books are taking care as a theme here, along with a focus on community. Firefighter Flo! by Andrea Zimmerman, pictures by Dan Yaccarino This is a fun, action-packed story focused on a female…

  • Easy Reader Series Series: My Weird School

    Easy Reader Series Series: My Weird School

    Time for another look at an Easy Reader Series, the Level 2 Easy reader adaptations of the My Weird School books. I’ll be honest–I haven’t read the chapter books, or the graphic novels, so I don’t know if these are adaptations of those same stories, of just the world, new characters, etc. Regardless, there are…

  • January 2023 Reading Recap

    January 2023 Reading Recap

    I can finally talk about what I’m reading again

  • Read-Alike Round Up: Mary Had a Little..

    Read-Alike Round Up: Mary Had a Little..

    Welcome to this new series, or maybe one off blog, where I discuss multiple children’s books all based around the same premise. Today, we have a round-up of books based on the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Here we go! Mary Had a Little Lizard, by Kayla Harren Lizards, lambs, whats the difference?…

  • Picture Book Round-Up #7

    Picture Book Round-Up #7

    I’m back, back again with another round-up of picture books. A real potpourri this week, of diverse titles covering race, food, civil rights, bedtime routines, and animal rescue. Hold Them Close: A Love Letter to Black Children by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, illustrated by Patrick Dougher, with photography by Jamel Shabazz This is a gorgeous book–a great…

  • 3 Unique Ways to Circulate Biographies

    3 Unique Ways to Circulate Biographies

    Got a biography collection that you need to make come to life and walk off the shelves and out of your library?

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