14 Books By Professors I Had in College

In honor of Back to School time and the fact that I’m low on ideas right now, here’s a list of books by professors I had during my undergraduate career at Yale.


Does your bread sing when it’s cooking and smell like bananas and maybe have a magical history and a mind of its own? Oh, well the bread in Sourdough by Robin Sloan does all of that

Heads of the Colored People

Heads of the Colored People is a short story collection by Nafissa Thompson-Spires that you must had to your TBR pile right now.

September Releases

Be still my book loving heart. September is going to be the death of me and my wallet. There are so many amazing books I want to read coming out this month, all of them of course going to have to take a back-burner to my course load as my senior year of college begins this same month!

Norse Mythology Inspired Literature

I spent three hours a week during my junior spring of college learning about Norse mythology, the ins and outs of gods and goddesses and the crazy antics they get up to up in Asgard. In the middle of that semester was when Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman came out, and we even discussed his previous work, American Gods, as part of the syllabus. Here are some great works of fiction that draw on Norse Mythology. 

Bumped & Thumped

Apparently I’m fascinated by the genre of fertility dystopias, and so when I discovered Bumped and it’s sequel, Thumped, I put them on my TBR list immediately. After finally digging into them, I’m fascinated even more so by this burgeoning genre.

Final Girls

In the past year, I’ve learned that few books enthrall me as much as thrillers, and Final Girls was billed as just the book for me when I heard about it on a book riot podcast.  I put it high on my TBR list and devoured it in less than 24 hours once I finally got my hands on it.